Everything and Nothing / 17 Years Old Condition (2019) – Kdrama Review


  • Episodes: 4
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 5-6 August



Right from the beginning of the story, we see the world through the anxious eyes of a young man, following an older woman at the other side of the road. This is a story about a young man and his journey toward adulthood. And it’s not even about the butterflies when catching the sight of the girl on the same class. It’s the boy against adultery and the girl against loneliness from the lack of parental affection. These two people met on the verge of their suffocating life, and begin to learn about each other’s circumstances during their frequent accidental encounters on the street, the train from Daegu, and at school.


Min Jae and Seo Yun are equally bitter about their life, and both have similar ways of coping with their problem. Min Jae did his best to listen to his mother’s wishes by attending a private tutoring session and got the best mark on Math, and Seo Yun enrolled in piano course diligently while trying to prove to her mother that she’s not what her mother thought she is.


Thanks to their fateful encounter, Min Jae let Seo Yun realized what she truly wanted, which is freedom, and Seo Yun also let him realized that he could deal with his mother’s situation in a different way.


My favorite scene would be the one where they both took the train back to Seoul, only this time they’re together in this, in mutual and better understanding of each other.

For a story about highschooler, the given topics are quite disturbing. There are hints of prostitution from academic and individual viewpoint, adultery practice from both the adult and the minors, suicide, depression, and others.


The acting and dialogue comes naturally, and since it has a realistic feel, the story isn’t about the certainties in life, rather, it’s about the journey that sometimes comes with answer while often times, not. Everything and nothing, just like the title, the life the characters lived on does float in such state.

I recommended this drama if you are looking for a realistic take on certain topics, and if you’re fine with some heavy subjects.


My ratings: 9/10.



The Vibrant and Frantic Energy of Ocean Preserved In Series of Hand Embroideries

This is colossal (photo credit)

Emily Botelho, a Manchester-based artist, released a collection of ocean-inspired embroideries carefully crafted by hand.

In her series of embroideries, Emily doesn’t shy away with colors, blending a set of contrasting and bright colors together in one frame. The results are abstract interpretation of ocean, which gives away summer vibe immediately for anyone who sees it.

This is colossal (photo credit)

Going by the monicker ‘Salt Stitches’, Emily actively showcases her works on Instagram and Etsy. Emily will hold a workshop about the making of hand embroidery on July 6th at Cake Hole Café, London, from 11.00-16.00 BST.

For more info about the workshop, visit the link below:
Event Brite

Find Emily on:





Ballistik Boyz from EXILE TRIBE Debut Album Review

Image result for ballistik boyz


Ballistik Boyz is the latest addition to the growing family of LDH. I’m not a dedicated fan of the overall fandom, but I do listen to all the subgroups singles from time to time.

I’ve always love their dance skill and choreography, their songs, and the MV. The only thing that wasn’t my cup tea: The division between singer/rapper and the dancer. I’m more tuned to all the members dancing and singing dynamic rather than a few singers with back-up dancers one, so that’s what stop me from truly enjoying their setup. Of course, the first dynamic helps ease the exhaustion of having to focus on both singing and dancing, but I wasn’t used to it.


Ballistik Boyz is currently my pick from all subgroups. Their sound is youthful, boyish, sharp, and bringing fun energy at the same time. They’re also the first subgroup to have all the members sing/rap and dance simultaneously. It’s definitely good news for me.

You may heard or read the headlines about Ballistik Boyz copying BTS from the name, style, to sound. I’m not a fan of BTS but I do like their songs, and I’m just not dedicated of any kpop boy/girlband at the moment, so hearing these accusation was weird enough for me. First, BTS is not the first boyband to have colorful style/sharpbeat sound. Ballistik Boyz never debuted as BTZ, they’re actually known as Ballibo or BBZ (correct me on this one if I’m wrong). I don’t understand the hate, because Ballistik Boyz actually rock it on their debut single. They’re doing great, and I feel bad about the hate comments they have to receive just because of baseless accusations.


Anyway, I like their album, but it’s not my favorite, yet. Most of them are rap-influenced tracks, and the beats are pretty cool. I love how their voice are distinct to each other, and sounds mature so not to fool with their youthful appearance. I think their track had the right amount of the pop and rap part, unlike THE RAMPAGES, although I love them, it was their track that hinder my interest on them, because it sounds a bit too pop for my taste and kind of contradicting to their bad boy/frugal street dance image.

These are the highlight track for me:

  4. Make u a Believer

Tenhane-1000% is nice debut single, but it feels like an introductory track rather than a hyped single. I think it would be fun if they also pick other track from my highlight as their next single.

smol rant:  why did they release a documentary MV for this kind of fire track? i hope these guys consider releasing a separate MV without the docu.

My take on them being too similar with BTS and kpop general:
To be honest, I thought these guys have their own uniqueness in terms of… everything. They take influences from various sources, from the hip-hop, R&B, to.. okay, I’m bad with genre, but to me their music is heavily implored with dance club music, like the one european/american DJs usually bang to. Style-wise, I’m aware that korean boybands love colorful outfits, so the things Ballibo wears also accused to copy them. I’m not gonna argue on this because to me anyone from any group regardless of their country can wear colorful outfits. Unless a group have similar or exact track or MV, I wouldn’t mind the rest. Their dance are also different, it’s looks more difficult and feels closer to the street dance I usually see on youtube. But mostly, the vibe they give. It doesn’t feel like Korean boyband at all. Seeing Ballibo reminds me of the asian-american kids living in USA, from their mannerism to their performance.

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