Cockroaching Days.

I enjoy my four days in Batam, a city which is located in the Kepulauan Riau province, and was an hour ship trip from Singapore.

It was truthfully engaging, mostly caused by the presence of some old mates I dislike with full respect.

They were cockroaches, and I didn’t really like them, being said just now. They’re scary as ghosts, but these creatures really gave me the impression there. I had to hold my poop and pees as long as I could just to make sure they weren’t in my sight anywhere close. I felt so tortured, and as in heart I did want to step into them, my concious mind told me the contrary. I swear, to my awareness, I’ve never ever kill any of them, or I meant, stepping them, until today. So let’s just say that, the reason these creature never lies in my body is because I never did the same. We’re technically friends, OK?

But still, I don’t think I could get used to their presence. They’re one of a kind, and I don’t like one of a kinds.


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