Jdorama Review “Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira”


Cold case tells the story of a crime investigation unit dealing with unresolved case. The members consist of our intelligent and intuitive detective, Capt. Ishikawa, along with the old dudes. The story started to get more intense along with the presence of Takagi, the youngest detective to join the unit, who would later partnered with Ishikawa and together with other members, they’re trying to solve the case in precise.

While I’m not able to compare the remake with the original as I haven’t watch the original series, to me Cold Case deserve to be watched for the consistent pace, acting, dialogues and atmosphere of the show in general. Never in any of the episodes that the story got too personal. Cold Case is one of those series with a tight writing and pace. It never once loses its times to convey the insignificance narrative. Unlike most of the Japanese crime shows, this one is very similar to its american counterpart, and probably due it being an adaptation and a collaboration with Warner Bros at that. Our female lead is a well respected human being by the men, and I like how professional she is with her work. I also love the opening and ending theme, it blends in very well with atmosphere of the show. The OSTS are amazing and it connects well with the scenes. The cinematography are especially really good, unlike your usual Japanese show.


There’s so much to like about the show, but some things did irk me, and I felt that the show could’ve done better at some of the cases revelation. I’m not going to say which episodes are lacking, but there are episodes that lack the shock or twist factor. You can say that it just doesn’t hit you as hard as some of other episodes did. Cold Case also mainly focuses itself with the questioning witnesses and suspects’ aspect of a crime procedural while putting the action scenes aside. So, don’t expect our detectives spending the day catch-run-shoot the bad guys. Instead, we’ll often see them getting house-to-house, prison, or a certain location where the suspects and witnesses resides to ask them. Most of the episodes, the detectives were never confronted physically with the bad guys, so it made the show less intense. If you can ignore past the points I mention, then you’ll likely to be able to enjoy the show.

My favorite episodes are 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. I think those episodes are the ones that could affected me emotionally.


I recommend this for those of you craving for tight and pace written crime solving shows with excellent acting from the main casts and supporting casts. 8/10



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