credit: Kuvshinov Ilya

Hello, I’m Zane.

The purpose of this blog is to share my translations of articles, videos, etc. For now I can only translate from English to Bahasa Indonesia. I use a bit of translate google, cambridge online dictionary and urban dictionary. And no, I don’t literally translate all sentences into translate google and just tweak a few words. Instead, I try my best to convey the meaning in a way that you’d appreciate, that suited the translated language.

There will also be reviews of dramas, movies, and other misc stuffs.

All the stuffs I translated aren’t mine, unless I say so.

Feel free to request translation (for now I only accept article and journal in Eng-ID or ID-Eng) by sending it to nabilah.safira911@gmail.com

I’ll let you know immediately when I have accepted your request by email.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and have a nice day!



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